Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pros and Cons of Masonry Glue
Masonry glue, also known as brick glue, masonry adhesive, construction adhesive, and landscape block adhesive, refers to a class of chemical adhesives that can often take the place of mortar in masonry construction applications.  Masonry glue is particularly useful in non -sag wall installations of exterior or interior thin brick, masonry veneer, stone, tile, and adherence of caps to masonry walls. ("Non-sag" means that a compound exhibits little or no flow when applied in vertical or inverted joints. In other words, if you are applying masonry glue to a vertical wall, it won't run down the wall.

Masonry glue has certain limitations. It is most useful in applications where structural integrity is not important, i.e. applying a veneer or reattaching a piece of brick or stone that has fallen down. So, for example, a mason or DIY home repairman should consult manufacturer specifications before using masonry glue in structures taller than three feet (where the compression weight begins to increase dramatically). Likewise, masonry glue can be used to hold concrete or stone products together, as in a stone walkway; however, should probably not be used in high traffic areas. Masonry glue products are often non-effective when used to adhere chemically treated wood products to a masonry face. In all such instances the manufacturer's specifications should be consulted. Landscaping glue is also not effective as a leveling agent; mortar should be used for such purposes.  

Keeping these limitations in mind, brick glue has many advantages over mortar.  Masonry glues are quick and easy to apply. They are consistent (mixed in a lab not in the field). They have reduced cleanup time, reduced labor costs, ease of transportation, no mixing (for one part adhesives), and they reach full strength in hours, not days as with mortar.  

In short, masonry glue is an effective and convenient substitute for mortar in many masonry applications, but when using the product, you should be mindful of its limitations.  

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